evaluate my dream lifestyle
evolve military skillsets
educate on true wealth
execute with a mentor


Week 1


Financial Education Webinar Series

One of the things all soldiers know is the most important part of the mission is working to achieving a specific objective, and to that end no action should ever be taken that is not intentional. This is why soldiers are successful on the battlefield – because there is a plan in place and that plan accounts for many of the external factors that could scuttle the mission. But, because your team has prepared for these externalities, you are that much more ready. So how does this apply to your finances? Only in every way. When you have a financial plan, you have a mission and objectives. In this case, your objectives may be providing security for your family and the mission itself is how to get to that level of security. For soldiers – we are not taught about finance while on the base, and often this area is neglected.

However, with the Webinar series from RichSoldier.com, now soldiers like us will not have to worry about resources that are tailored to the needs of regular civilians. Instead, this webinar is produced for the soldier who has transitioned into that civilian life.


Week 2

EVOLVE from the employee mindset to an entrepreneur

Interactive OP ORDER and Goal Setting

Upon completing the EVALUATE section, members will go through an interactive platform to help define a foundational strategy toward building true wealth.  From choosing one of our primary categories – real estate, business, stocks and cryptocurrency trading – this creates the Battle Plan needed to succeed in that particular field.


Week 3

how to create active, passive and retirement income

Online Education Series Covering Specific Business Courses

Think about the teams that you have been on – immediately you will note that the reason why these teams were so successful is because each team member had a certain role and critical to the success of any mission is ensuring that every person on the team has maximized their abilities.

Your income works the exactly same way. You need different types of income in order to maximize the return on your investment. Just like on the battlefield, it is important to have many different ways to contain and defeat the enemy, in the case of your finances you need multiple avenues to success this way you can constantly adapt to changing conditions.

There are lots of skills to learn as well about producing active, passive, and retirement income. Mastering these skills means mastering the art of producing income. When this happens, you can relax and pursue your interests along with making sure your family is well taken care of.

Ultimately – that is your goal, taking care of those who you love. You are always serving them, and that principle is what your life’s work has been based on. So, to that end, it only makes sense to educate yourself on the different options available and skillsets needed for success. Though these particular types of income seem relatively easy to ascertain meaning from, what skills do you think you need in order to build them into amazing revenue steams.


Week 4

Execute new strategies into a real-time marketplace

Implementing the Business Plan & Marketing Strategy

As you already know, all the planning in the world changes the moment something adverse comes your way. The best soldiers we all know had an uncanny ability to respond the right way in a moment where they were challenged. You appreciate challenges – that is why you had a military career and that is also why you are taking the time to learn about the different skills needed.

But, as you know, no amount of preparation is the same and just taking that necessary action. In the sense of what we know from days in the battlefield, execution is critical to staying alive while things are hitting the fan.

With this program, you will have a mentor that helps get you out in the marketplace and gives you a head start over the competition. It may not sound like much, but what about those people who took you in and helped you learn the ropes – that is exactly what your mentor does. They are the experts in marketing and positioning, so all you need to do is listen and work hard.